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Old look Pantry Candle Tins
13oz - 100hr burn
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These wonderful highly scented candles are made in the USA by the Our Own Candle Company, the same people who supply the awesome scented Redneck mason jar candles.

They available in a multitude of fragrances, presented in a tin can with old look paper wrap label and lovely matt black lid.

These strongly scented candles will give you 100 hours of burn time....I have burned and scrutinised them myself and love them!

 Each highly scented tin comes to you filled with 13oz of specially blended soy wax providing you with a perfect burn every time. (reccomennded maximum burn of 4hrs each time)


The tins can be re-used after you have burned your candle. Simply scrape out last 1/4" of wax and wash the tin out with hot soapy water and it is ready for a multiple of uses.

TIP: Burn off the residual wax in your wax melter/ you get the most out of every bit!

A perfect medium price range candle and makes for an ideal gift!....

Fragrance Descriptions:-

Black Cherry- The rich heady fragrance of sweet black cherries...yumm!...this fragrance is true to name

Caramel Pecan- A rich and inviting fragrance that will whisk you back to days of your childhood and grandmas Caramel Pecan pie!

French Vanilla- Smells like the most indulgent french pastry combined with creamy sweet vanilla...just right. This one is a favourite.

Grandma's Kitchen- A wonderfull blend of all the bakehouse spices you would find in your grandmas kitchen. A true country favourite!

Hazelnut-Strong nutty, yet sweet hazelnut fragrance...sure to be a favourite!

Hot Apple Pie- Mouthwatering hot apple pie...smells like you just baked it!

Hot Buns- You can just smell the creamy, gooey icing on a hot cinnamon bun- makes you want to run out and get some!

Hyancinth- A subtle, but inviting fragrance.... One for the floral lovers!

Lavender Chamomile- This calming gentle combination is sure to be a winner with floral lovers. The lavender is not overpowering in this one! 

Milk and Honey- Warming tones of hot milk and creamy honey.

 Tuscan Vinyeard- This strong grape scent will have you feeling like you are visiting a winery! A mouthwatering sweet grape fragrance.


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